Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hardwood floors and moisture

  Hardwood floors and moisture
 Water, humidity and moisture all have something in common: they all damage wood floors. The opposite is true when you have extreme cold and dry weather. This can also damage wood floors. A lot of people do not know why their floors are suddenly swelling up or shrinking. People often do not know why their floors suddenly have gaps in the floorboards or are buckling up. It is most often a problem related to moisture.
Humidity swings will always affect wood. Humidity swings are fluctuations or quick changes in the humidity. This is often related to weather. You could have several days of hot weather with lots of humidity or several days of extreme cold and bone dryness. Both of these extremes will affect your wood floors.
Wood naturally sucks up moisture from the atmosphere. Scientifically speaking, wood is hygroscopic. Hygroscopic simply means that not only does wood take in moisture but it also retains it. Water usually will not escape the wood on its own. Wood will expand when it comes in contact with water as the water seeps into the wood. Even after the wood has dried, it will still be affected by the water.

 Wood floors are going to be at their the best in temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees and a relative indoor humidity of 40% and 60%. This is ideal all year-round. Fortunately, that is comfortable for most people as well. To save money in the heat, people open their doors and windows to let in the cool air. Little do they know, they are bringing in the humidity? This will cause your floors to buckle and pop.
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