Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hardwood Flooring Chicago

Hardwood Flooring is a sound investment

Today’s savvy homeowners of Chicago are more interested in interior designs that are authentic, durable, long lasting and hand crafted. Hardwood-flooring fits best to this kind of taste and trend. With pastel earthy colors and textured look it creates a unique ambience. The trend of hardwood flooring in Chicago has created a competition amongst all the flooring companies. Each of them tries to provide the best flooring at competitive prices that makes it difficult for the homeowners to choose which one to purchase. We are here to provide you with an excellent customer service and the best quality of hardwood on the excellent pricing. 

AB Hardwood Flooring and Supplies is a full service distributor of hardwood flooring and goods. Our company guarantees you a floor that perfectly matches your sophisticated taste, style and budget.
For wood flooring, we offer a wide selection of sizes and grades from domestic to exotic species. We specialize in solid hardwood floors (both prefinished an unfinished), engineered floors, laminated floors, bamboo floors and water based.
We have been providing excellent services at affordable, low prices to our customers since we opened.

Visit our showroom to see all variety of floors we have to offer. Our trained staff members will help you to choose the floors of your dreams

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Walnut flooring Chicago

Walnut Flooring Chicago
Why is American and Black Walnut Flooring So Popular among Homeowners?
Well first of all is all about Aesthetics!
Walnut flooring has a rich, chocolate tone which is extremely warming. Quite classical in its style, walnut has an extremely luxurious feel to it. The color fits in very well with dark furniture and compliments light furniture as well, making it versatile enough to fit into a wealth of interior design styles. The discrepancies in color tone throughout the wood give it a more interesting twist than standard plain wood flooring. The grain of walnut is also a welcoming feature, with opulent swirls and twists.

They are also easy to maintain
Walnut flooring offers many advantages. One of the key advantages is the fact that it doesn’t need heavy sealants or wax to keep it looking fresh.In our store we have a great selection of natural and green hardwood cleaning products.
To maintain it, you merely need to sweep a broom over it once a day, or vacuum with a soft brush attachment. The soft brush will get into the grooves of the grain and remove any grit or dirt. However, if you need to sand the wood, it’s extremely easy to work with as it is one of the softer hardwoods.
 Also Walnut wood comes in a couple of different varieties, which does provide you with some room to manoeuvre when it comes to matching the floor to the rest of your home’s interior. In color, it’s very dark like cocoa and has the ability to change in color depending on the manufacturing process.
 We carry major brands of hardwood in our store, please visit our store to get more vision of how you can change your entire home interior just by adding type of hardwood that you really in love with.

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