Friday, June 19, 2015

Dark floors in your bedroom .AB Hardwood Flooring and Supplies Chicago

  Dark floors in your bedroom 
  Modern bedrooms are well known for its clean and streamlined look. Aside from that, most modern bedrooms also use wood for the flooring which is one good choice because it isn’t cold and it gives a natural look to your space.
   Using dark wood flooring will seem to highlight the entire bedroom especially if you will use light colors in your space. It will appear like lifting the entire bedroom up to be given more emphasis. This is the effect of using dark flooring. It will even be more effective if the walls are lighter or brighter.

We carry  a great collection of dark wooden floors-from Brazilian Cherry to American walnut  .Also if you are looking for a specific  brand ,we got  major brands  such as AACER, Paramount, Mirage, Greafhaus.
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Hardwood floors in kids bedroom.AB Hardwood Flooring and Supplies

Hardwood floors in kids bedroom

    Kids love the easy play surface wood floors provide because wheels roll, balls bounce, and blocks stack. (Avoid grooves if you can….makes it hard to roll mini cars!) For adults, here are a few, but very important reasons, to use hardwood in kid’s rooms:

 Amazing Interior Design
  • Always in good taste, wood provides a background for any style furnishings
  • Striking showcase against rugs
  • Wide variety of configurations and looks
  • Wood can be left natural or stained to any variety of shades—light, medium, or dark—as well as colors
  • Lighter stain for less formal rooms (contemporary or transitional) and darker stain for more traditional rooms (vintage or international).
  • Lighter also tends to make a room look larger creating a feeling of openness; darker makes a room feel smaller, cozier.

Dispelling Disadvantages

·         Worried about noise? Add an area rug to absorb sound and also provide a place for soft play such as reading, playing games, or playing with dolls. If you are worried about wear, check out the floors in historic homes. Wood floors endure, lasting your lifetime……or longer.
·         Wood flooring is a traditional favorite. Timeless, durable, and resilient, combining beauty and warmth, hardwood is a sensible alternative to carpet in kids’ rooms.
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Wall color guide with Red Oak floors

Wall colors guide with Red Oak floors
              It's natural to want to take into consideration the color of the flooring when selecting a room's wall color. After all, the floor extends through large areas of your home and can help set the stage for the rest of the room's color palette. If you have natural red oak flooring, there are a number of different color choices that will look good, both right after it's installed and after it's had a change to mellow and age. The general rule of thumb for selecting a wall color to work with an existing floor is to find a complementary color to the floor. 

Complementary colors are opposite one another on the color wheel. So if the floor has pink or red undertones, consider a wall color with a green tone to balance the floor. If your oak is more orange in color, consider a cooler, blue-toned wall color instead. If your oak is yellow in tone, consider a purple or aubergine shade for your walls. Using a complementary color is not the final say in wall color selection; other colors in the room will have influence. Sometimes the color of the floor needs to be taken into consideration only so the floor and walls do not clash or blend together. For example, a pink-toned oak floor would clash with yellow walls, while a yellow or tan-toned oak floor would blend right into a yellow wall. Leave some room for balance and variation between the floor and the wall, regardless of what shade or color you select.
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